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Do you know the secrets to reshaping your brain with science and faith to find the answers in front of you? Want to overcome difficult memories and reclaim your success? The answers are inside this book.

Answers Unleashed: Reshape Your Brain in 30 Days with Science for Success by Olympia LePoint, is an empowering, self-help book that reveals the suffocating effects trauma, physical pain and fear have on the brain’s ability to create personal success and invent new technology. With her thrilling real-life stories as the backdrop, Olympia LePoint introduces the power of the TRIABRAIN and redefines the human brain’s most vital sectors using Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (as read in The Huffington Post News). With a 30-day innovative system derived from neuroscience, faith and chaos theory mathematics, Olympia LePoint aids readers in restoring the brain’s powerful solution-finding capabilities. So readers can naturally foretell their positive futures, transform their ideas into innovative reality, and change the course of their lives by attracting lucrative success.

As Read on The Huffington Post

Coming Summer 2017