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ISBN: 978-0-9885376-2-0 (Paperback)

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Professional Speaker Olympia LePoint debuts self-help neuro-science book, Answers Unleashed® and reveals how to redirect chaos into unleashing your brain’s power.

 LOS ANGELES, CALIF –Countless books have been written about the process of healing the brain from traumatic situations. But Answers Unleashed: The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power by Olympia LePoint is the first self-help neuroscience book written by an award-winning rocket scientist who overcame her own life challenges to launch 28 NASA Space Shuttle missions into Space. Scientist Olympia LePoint defines a new structure of the brain, called the Triabrain and the Triabrain Theory of Relativity, which profoundly describes how anyone can use science and faith to reshape their brain and ultimately transform his life. Answers Unleashed takes a step forward in neuroscience as a new field of study.  It’s a fresh, innovative work that is unique from the other self-directed neuroplasticity that currently exists. Olympia LePoint shows how to overcome difficult situations and gain success by calling forth the brain’s processing power.

Answers Unleashed introduces the Triabrain Theory of Relativity which indicates a new side of the brain coined the “faith sector.”  In addition to the brain’s left and right hemispheres, the faith sector introduces the understanding of intuition, and it’s assistance in decision-making abilities.  This success approach combines faith, science and intuition which is a new combination in brain science.  Readers explore the ideal function of the Triabrain and learn how chaos separates it into struggling sectors called brainbrink.  As seen in recent studies of deceased NFL players’ brains, brainbrink serves to create emotionally-charged dark brain masses that stall the brain’s reshaping and healing capacity.

Endorsed by world-renown neuroscience researcher and author Jeffrey Schwartz M.D. and retired NASA Astronaut Robert Curbeam, Olympia LePoint explains how the Triabrain helps a person create a new method of thinking, to redirect thought in a powerful way. With practical applications using the Triabrain Theory of Relativity, a person can turn back on their sensory motor cortex and their executive thoughts for innovation. Whether the advancement be scientist innovation or personal success, Answers Unleashed provides the recipe to jumpstart the brain with a unique combination of faith, intuition, psychology and science. This ground-breaking theory serves to reconnect the prefrontal cortex and striatum together for mental awareness.  This strategically-connected mindfulness helps break destructive habits and remove brainbrink.

LePoint innovatively uses this recipe and takes a big leap to defining a new branch of self-directed neuroplasticity. Through her Triabrain Theory of Relativity’s mathematical introduction of fractal moments, Olympia LePoint explains mathematically how decision-making has a role in reshaping the brain.  LePoint creates a new philosophy that our brains have more directive energy available for life-changing scientific innovation.  Anyone can restore her brain power at any age.

As she shares her own personal stories in becoming an award-winning rocket scientist, LePoint healing energy jumps into readers brains. Further, LePoint’s passion for brain health is exemplified through her experience in healing her mother and sister after brain surgeries. The book delivers infectious brain-shifting energy which explodes through individual’s triumphant, life-saving examples.  Stories includes how NASA engineers used faith to invent and build NASA space rockets. LePoint explains this brain process using chaos mathematics, faith principles and NASA space science. Olympia LePoint describes the profound Triabrain science in easy-to-understand concepts for everyone to enjoy.

The award-winning rocket scientist also offers excellent self-help tools and leadership strategies for career professionals, women, trauma survivors and university students. Answers Unleashed® complements all science, psychology and faith textbooks. Answers Unleashed® currently sells in U.S. college and university bookstores, on, and is internationally downloadable through the Nook®, the Kindle®, iBookstore®, the Sony eReader®, Book Pie®, Gardner’s® and through other major electronic book retailers. If you are a person who wants to unleash your brain’s true powers, or redirect your thoughts in unleashing your answers, this book is designed for you. Buy or download copies today!

Available September 15, 2017



Author: Olympia LePoint

Publisher: OL Consulting Corporation & Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9885376-2-0 (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-0-9885376-6-8 (eBook)

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Do you know your brain’s true powers? Know how to redirect your thoughts in unleashing your answers? Want to overcome difficult situations and gain success?

The answers are inside this book.

Answers Unleashed: The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power by rocket scientist Olympia LePoint, is an empowering, self-help neuroscience book that reveals how painful memories cripple the brain’s ability to create personal success and invent science technology. With true-life stories as the backdrop, Olympia LePoint introduces the power of the TRIABRAIN and redefines the new human brain structure and how thoughts transform chaotic situations into new success. Using Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Chaos Theory Mathematics (as read in The Huffington Post) , Answers Unleashed creates a totally new branch of self-directed neuroplasticity with foundations rooted in NASA science, psychology and faith. Olympia LePoint shows readers how to take conscious ownership over the brain’s “fractal moments” to heal their lives. Through fun exercises and entertaining real-life examples, readers regain their natural intuitive abilities in selecting their positive futures, transform their ideas into scientific reality, and change the course of their lives by attracting lucrative success.

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Coming September 2017