Brainpower Life Coach –TV Guest Expert 

With an unexplainable talent to understand hidden thoughts and fears, Olympia LePoint has the amazing gift to enter a person’s brain during life challenges, so she can help a person shift their own thoughts. In turn, a person regains the brainpower to recognize their future path for success.

With her rocket science, mathematics and neuroscience experience, TED Speaker Olympia LePoint helps audiences unleash their own brainpower. She teaches her science knowledge, energy principles, and faith-based actions, to help a person reshape their brain from the inside out.

Through self-directed neuroplasticity, Olympia LePoint awakens a person’s own intuition and intelligence to achieve great feats. For everyone who seeks help, Olympia empowers audiences to channel their brain energies to overcome any challenge and unleash the innovation that changes lives forever.


Developed by Olympia LePoint

The Triabrain Overview - (HuffPost Article)

As written in the Huffington Post article “The Triabrain and Answers Unleashed,” the brain is composed not just two sections, but of three.  This description is known as the Triabrain Theory of Relativity discovered by rocket scientist Olympia LePoint. Humans have the left side which is logical in nature; they have the right side which is feeling and creatively expressive; and humans have the third side, coined the “faith sector”, which connects the left and right sides together and extends into the entire body through the nervous system.  Olympia LePoint coins these three sides the TRIABRAIN. When humans reshape their brains through self-directed neuroplasticity, Olympia has dicsovered that they unleash a powerful TRIABRAIN WAVE and an overall life-altering brainpower that neuroscientists are still scrambling to figure out.


No one knows your life purpose except you. And you may have good intentions that need refinement. And often if you do not know how to reset your intentions, you will forever will be frustrated in repeating pattern.  By discovering the “pleasure triggers” and the actions in your life that bring you joy, you will have a roadmap to guide you toward success during your life-transformation process.


You were never born with fear, yet it can attach to your thoughts, making you second guess your natural success intuition. Fear creates an energy that blocks in your brain from receiving powerful life-transformational messages. But most people are unaware of when they are experiencing fear thoughts, versus faith thoughts. And when fear-based thoughts are chosen, the fight or flight response of the reptilian brain activates and transfers the fear’s blocking energy to the rest body, plus to the person’s outside world.  By rejecting and releasing fear, there is new room for the brain to relax and reshape.  In turn, your brain is given “room” to hold the powerful energy that you need to change any situation for the better.


E=mc² is not just an equation for Albert Einstein to become famous.  The equation is for you to become powerful too.  In science, anytime mass is removed, there is room for new growth.  When the fear mass is removed from your brain, your brain’s space MUST be replaced and filled with fresh thoughts.  The energy from fresh thoughts is the only way to rebuild your new brain structure.  In this session, you learn how to replace fear-based thoughts with pleasure-based thoughts that will allow you to reshape your brain from the inside out.


When you learn the right physical and mental exercises which trigger left, right and faith brain connections, brain reshaping energy begins flowing through all three sides. The brain makes new connections.  In making these new connections, the brain begins to naturally ignite its intuition process world through what Olympia LePoint coins as TRIANBRAIN WAVES.  These waves receive and transmit universal information in gentle ways.  Signs that connections are happening is when a personal may call you after you have been thinking about them, or you will instantly know the answer without thinking.   These waves are the energy connects your brain together to itself, your brain to your body, and your brain to the outside world. Once your brain is more balanced through its connections, your brain will begin to pick up information and create information that will amaze you.


Your entire life will be about re-connecting your brain.  This process always lasts as long as you are alive.  However, those individuals who master this process early in life are able to accomplish great feats and become more influential.  They inspire and influence everyone who they meet due to their Triabrain Waves. They are able to overcome adversity, gain advanced university degrees and knowledge, form corporations, create beneficial change by being influential leaders, create innovative global products, and heal the body in amazing ways.  Some individuals gain additional abilities science has yet to understand.

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Receiving a 500-person standing ovation, Olympia LePoint gives a POWERFUL TALK at the Rotary International Southern California/Nevada Presidents’ Elect Training Seminar (PETS) on February 10, 2017 explaining the “Rotary Formula to Success.”

DateOrganization EventLocation CityContact
February 10, 2016Rotary InternationalPresident Elect Training LAX MarriottLos Angeles, CAScott Carr, Rotary International
March 18, 2016University of California Los AngelesCouncil Of Black Administrators UCLALos Angeles, CAJamila Gillenwaters,
March 29, 2016 Virginia Technical Institute Integrated STEM Education Virgina TechBlacksburg, VA April Holmes, Eagles Talent