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Imagine a hot humid Summer day, and all you can think about is being in an air-conditioned, cool room. Not much else can go through your brain except finding relief. Our environment can impact the way we think and process information in our brains. In uncomfortable environments, the brain primarily focuses on gaining relief and easing the stress before placing energy into anything else. However in stress-free environments, the brain can fully devote its energy to long-lasting solutions. When we feel comfortable, the brain unleashes its full power.


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Episode 12:
The Truth About The Weather & Climate Change

Air Date: May 18, 2016 on KPC Radio

image for Episode 12 - the Truth about the Weather and Climate Change

What is the truth about climate change? How does the weather affect us physically, emotionally and mentally? Do you know how to gauge the weather correctly for travel safety? Are there steps we can take to make our weather environments easier to handle? In this episode, the young Climate expert Jason Farhang will expose the truth about the climate changes, the weather and share helpful tips that will empower the public to identify the weather patterns to make their environments more comfortable.

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Newest Einstein:
Jason Farhang

Jason Farhang of Climate 101 with Jason

Trained at National Weather Service as a weather spotter for Los Angeles County since 2009, Jason Farhang is a young weather expert who explains the climate and weather in a way that young people can understand. From extensive first-hand knowledge about weather, Jason Frahang worked at ABC7 in the News and Weather department helping forecasters. Previously supporting Dallas Raines of ABC7 News, Jason Farhang now works as a production assistant at a major TV company, and he has developed his website “Climate 101 with Jason” at climate101withjason . blogspot . com to help people better understand how the weather affects them.

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