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THINKING  DISCOVERY: When a person endures a prolonged stressful situation, the brain changes to adapt to the situation.

The great news is that the brain always learns to rewire itself to for quick operation.  The brain rewires itself through decisions.

Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 108:
How the Pandemic Has Affected Your Brain

Air Date: February 9, 2022  on AnswersUnleashed.com

Human brain AMYGDALA - cross section

The  COVID 19 pandemic has changed life for everyone across the world.  What has the pandemic-related stress done to the human brain?  How would a person know if the pandemic-related stress has impacted his thinking? Can your brain’s stress-free functions be restored?

Many people are under constant stress ever since the coronavirus pandemic began. Struggling to concentrate on a task, wanting to turn off the news, or having difficulty remembering where you left your keys are all signs that you may be experiencing “pandemic-stressed brain” and its associated thinking.

In the following video podcast, author Olympia LePoint explains how the pandemic related fear has affected multiple parts of the future-thinking. The good news is that with three tips, you can rewire your thinking so your brain overcomes the stress of the pandemic.

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In Olympia LePoint Answers Unleashed science book series, Olympia LePoint reveals how fear is recognized into the human brain.

LePoint uses her own personal story with mathematics equations to show how fear affects problem-solving in the human brain. Her first book Mathaphobia helps people over come their math fears. Her second book, Answers Unleashed,  helps people overcome painful memories. And her third book, Answers Unleashed II,  helps people overcome the fear of the future.

Olympia LePoint explains her discoveries and relates them to how people’s thinking can be restored in the pandemic.


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