By Olympia LePoint
Answers Unleashed News
March 7, 2018

Yesterday, Meghan Markle with the help of soon-to-be husband, Prince Harry, celebrated International Women’s Day in Birmingham by speaking to 90 students at Millennium Point. At the event, Meghan Markle encouraged young girls to follow careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and suggested branching out into these careers as women. As a fellow American, mixed-woman-of-color like Meghan Markle, I was overjoyed. For I am a woman who has launched rockets and who promotes STEM education as a TEDx speaker and author. There was POWER in this announcement on International Women’s Day for three reasons.

STEM Helps Girls Feel Beautiful

From my experience teaching mathematics at the college and university level, I notice that girls feel beautiful, especially when they solve problems. In each case, I notice the girls’ eyes light up with amazement about themselves. Too add, young women feel a sense of worth as they solve math problems. This confidence translates into other areas of their lives. In each case, they give birth to great ideas that work!

Though as adults, many of us women are accustomed to thinking that the only way to give birth is by giving birth to little humans. In my new book Answers Unleashed: The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power, I write about the power women have within birthing innovation. In my book, I explain that women have intuition and can give birth to innovative products. Personally, I have felt truly connected as a feminine woman as I gave birth to innovative books, business processes, and engineering products that helped transform the way that people think. It is from this experience that I know that young girls benefit from learning STEM. There is no other consistent rush of confidence bestowed in young girl’s minds with as much positive power. When you find the solution to a math or science problem, endorphins rush in your brain, and you feel truly special.

STEM Reconnects the Brain

It is my firm belief that when a young girl learns STEM early, she is given a chance to mentally excel in life through a connected brain. In my new book Answers Unleashed: The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power, I write about how the brain reconnects to develop major innovation. In the book, I speak about the Triabrain and the Triabrain Theory of Relativity which includes how neuroscience researchers were able to find various ways the brain reconnects. One such way is through the daily use of math and science as it connects neuropathways. The brain connects with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. And within the Triabrain Theory of Relativity debut in a TED-like lecture “Your Brain Master Class” held on stage at California State University Northridge, I share that STEM helped me overcome major, horrendous life challenges. And the earlier that I learned mathematics, the earlier my brain opened pathways to find solutions in life.

When a girl learns to connect the brain through math and science, she is given a tool to connect her brain effectively, plus develop innovative approaches to solve personal problems through using the proper resources. This skill allows girls to grow into women who find global solutions for mankind. From my experience, when a girl learns this method of connecting her brain through STEM, her brain develops at a faster rate compared to other girls and boys. As we consider the global population of men XX% and the women at XX%, it becomes obvious that investing in STEM education for girls will be an effective way to increase the overall intellectual population across the globe.

STEM Helps the UK, US, and Other Nations’ National Security

The movie Hidden Figures, depicting the real-life story of Katherine Johnson, is an accurate depiction of the many struggles women still face while working behind the scenes in technical environments. I share about my own experiences as a female rocket scientist launching rocket for NASA programs in the PEOPLE magazine article, “Modern-Day ‘Hidden Figure’ Shares Her Inspiring Journey as a Female Rocket Scientist: ‘I Wanted to Own the Fact That I Was a Woman’.” The challenges are still real.

There are many “hidden figures” who are in STEM. These are the thousands of brilliant women who support their nation’s military through civilian, technical roles. There are many citizens working for AT&T, The Boeing Company, Raytheon, Blue Origin, Space X, Google, facebook, Airbus, and other technical companies who help in unseen ways to keep nations safe. These companies are a fraction of the many companies across the world who recruit brilliant mental leaders to solve pressing problems. Every one of these women add value to these companies. Women bring technical expertise and effective communication techniques that allow the products to flourish. As a result, you grow through innovation. Women are an asset to every technical environment.

In short, I was jumping with excitement when I saw that Meghan Markle recommended girls pick these non-traditional careers for themselves. For, this approach helped me change my life, and it will help other women advance too.

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