New Year – Quantum Deciding Planner

image of Olympia LePoint
image of Olympia LePoint

New for 2022, the

Quantum Deciding Planner 

Start every new year with the science-based, daily planning system and picture calendar designed for creating your best future yet.

Designed by rocket scientist and author Olympia LePoint, the Quantum Deciding Planner is a new, science-based daily planning system that helps leaders create the future they want. The 12-month planner can be started in any month, and the system inspires executives to create their best calendar year.

This science-backed system reveals 6 key decisions that empower you to reprogram your brain to invest into your core values and priorities. In doing so, you create the foundation for innovative results. Starting in January 2022, the Quantum Deciding Planner is updated and released yearly.


Watch The Video – Learn To Use It

Olympia LePoint gives TED-like virtual talks on how to use this new Quantum Deciding Planner system which has “6 decision blocks.”

  1. LP = LIFE PURPOSE (Values)
  2. ID = IDENTITY (Branding)
  3. IT = INTENT (Prioritizing)
  4. LN = LEARNING (Gathering Data)
  5. RS = RESOURCES (Building)
  6. LVT = LOVE IN TIME (Task Success)

Leaders create their future success with Olympia LePoint’s decision-making science called Quantum Deciding. The Quantum Deciding planner takes this knowledge and actives success with a 3-step planning system. For each month, the planner contains future-thinking prompts, beautiful calendar pictures of Olympia LePoint accompanied with journaling exercises for leaders to reach their goals.

Professionals use this system to focus on career goals and personal success. Organizations use this system for company-wide innovation. The Quantum Deciding Planner is based on Olympia LePoint’s latest book, Answers Unleashed II : The Science of Attracting What You Want. With her latest book, Olympia LePoint is featured on NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, CW News, FOX News, Cheddar News, NBC Peacock, in Newsweek, USA Today, Amazon Prime, and The Doctor’s TV talk show.


  • Quantum Deciding Planner System
  • 6 Quantum Deciding Journaling Plans
  • The 3-Step Actions
  • Journaling Spaces
  • 12 Calendar Photos
  • 12 Quantum Deciding Monthly Forecasts
  • 12 Journaling Exercises
  • 52 Weekly Planner Sheets