Spiritual Coaching

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Spiritual Coaching:

God-Directed Success Strategies

Olympia LePoint realizes that success comes from God and our willingness to obey God’s plan and break chains from the past. When you have the ability to connect with God directly, you can receive answers that are long-lasting and specific to your life and experiences.  Only God knows what it is like to walk in your shoes. So ask God for steps.

In the spiritual coaching sessions, Olympia LePoint uses the contents from her Answers Unleashed book series, along with Biblical Scriptures, and the ancient healing methods of her Native American ancestors, to help you deepen your relationship with God, so you develop your own intuition and receive practical answers from God for yourself. 

Healthy relationships are not built overnight.  They are built over time, with love, and personal effort to do what is right in pressing situations.  These spiritual coaching sessions help you make wise decisions and build a one-on-one relationship with God, no matter your religious background or affiliation.  God has the practical answers for you.


God Can Provide Answers

image of Olympia LePoint
  • Restoring Health and Restoring Relationships
  • Understanding What to Do After a Divorce
  • Learning How to Listen to Kids and Spouse
  • Receiving Career Guidance with Scripture-Based Strategies
  • Planning for the Future with Next Steps
  • Unleashing Integrity for Life Situation
  • Writing a Book or Starting a Business
  • Overcoming Grief and Navigating through Breakups
  • Leading in Government, Technology, TV Media and Military
  • Achieving Success Despite Adversity
  • Reprogramming the Brain to Build Wealth
  • Developing Self-Love and a Relationship with Christ
  • Reverend Dr. Drew Sams of Bel Air Presbyterian Church
  • Pastor Mike and Rebeccca Morgan of Bel Air Church
  • Native American Healer Jim Dewell of The Laika Center
  • Minister Joanna Mills of Women on the Frontline Ministry
  • African Apostle and Deliverance Pastor Isaac Godfrey of Men on the Frontline Ministry
  • African Prophet and Minister Danielle Godfrey of Women on The Frontline  Ministry
  • Pastor Kim Dorr of The First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View
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