Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want




1. Save  & Love Your Life,  

2. Find Your Life Purpose,  & 

3. Attract The Life You Want

Olympia LePoint Launches the “Science of Attraction Decision Principles.”

What if you could jump into your future and discover your next steps, so you gain immediate success? Would you make the quantum decision to do it?

Often, you may struggle in making life-changing decisions. You may fear making the wrong choice about your future. You may fear that the outcome may be less than your desires.  If you do not communicate with the true inner parts of yourself, fear will trick you into not leaving an ill-suited situation.  With Olympia LePoint’s new, upcoming 2020 keynote program and book series, Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want, the award-winning scientist shares with audiences the 6 important decisions to save your life, find your life purpose an attract the life that you want.

LePoint helps leaders save their lives and meet their life purpose by making 6 important quantum decisions. With Quantum Physics, Chemistry science, faith, and psychology concepts as the foundation, LePoint introduces these 6 daily decisions using her newly developed “Science of Attraction Decision Principles.” These principles were formed during her decision to remove a uterine fibroid tumor. Her decision to go through a hysterectomy surgery ultimately saved her life. LePoint shares how to renew your thinking and use your decision-making power to – not only save your life – but  love it, and attract the life that you want.

Readers Learn How To:

    • Know the Science of Attraction & Power of Your Decisions
    • Jump into the Future and Determine Your Immediate Next Steps
    • Travel Back In Time to Heal Your  Fears and Present Indecisiveness
    • Learn to Multiply Resources
    • Meet Your Life Purpose within Your Career
    • Visit Yourself in the Past to Coach Yourself through Past Challenges
    • Provide Leadership by Influencing Your Environments