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Virtual Success Strategies

Olympia LePoint has created a new set of online talks for current issues facing organizations, schools and communities.

“Virtual Pandemic Solutions” is Olympia LePoint’s latest 2020 virtual talks. Olympia LePoint is working with her speaking agencies to provides these #cornonavirus #pandemic solutions through virtual talks online.

Reprogramming Your Brain End Pandemic Fear

With Olympia LePoint’s TED talk, “Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear” as the backdrop, rocket scientist and author Olympia LePoint identifies the top 7 fears people have during the COVID-19 pandemic. With an innovative method, LePoint helps you uncover where these fears were first introduced. And with a new thinking process, LePoint helps you remove these fears and reprogram your mind to handle anything that you face.


Flattening the Curve in Pandemics – Applying the Statistics in Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

Over the next few months, the world is facing a pandemic. There has been a lot of talk regarding ‘ Flattening the Curve.  In this talk, Scientist Olympia LePoint reveals the mathematical science in how epidemiologist use math and science to help keep millions of people safe. Olympia LePoint shares how self-isolation saves lives in specific ways. And the tips you can do to increase the probability of your health and well-being during trying times.


The 7 Strategies for Learning & Working Online

Schools across the world are turning to online education. Workforces are asking their employees to report from home.  With the influx of teachers, schools’ systems and companies using non-traditional learning and training methods, many people are experience fear in learning. Olympia LePoint shares the tips for individuals to succeed with every-day technology that is available to most people. And the solutions may be easier than you think.


10 Ways to Use Science Data in “Community Isolation” & “ Safe Return to Work” Strategies

Companies across the world are requiring their employees to work from home and alter their normal business operations. This effort is to prevent he COVID-19 virus from infecting the workforce.  As a person from California, a state in which leads the effort in effective community isolation, Olympia LePoint shares how leaders can create effective policies to promote health.  Eventually, people will return to work. The risk of new infections threatens the workforce across the nation.  Olympia LePoint reveals 10 ways to use data to promote the safety of your employees.

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Accomplishments Since Leaving the World of Rocket Science

  • Podcast Host of Answers Unleashed“Reshape Your Brain with Science and Faith to Find the Answers in Front of You” – Radio show
  • Founder of the AnswersUnleashed.com educational platform for her 1M+ TEDx & Impact Theory video Fans
  • Regular Guest Science Expert on CBS2 News explaining SpaceX & NASA launches in 2017 -2019 for 7+ Million Viewers
  • College Math Professor & Author of the books Mathaphobia & Answers Unleashed, Answers Unleashed II
  • 2019 Distinguished, Celebrity Technology Speaker at the SAS Global Technology Forum for over 6,000 LIVE Audience Members specializing in Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics
  • Featured in People Magazine for her role as a “Modern Day Hidden Figure” in February 2017
  • Appeared on the International Show Impact Theory to speak about her ground-breaking Science discovery with 1 Million Views through the episode & clips
  • Developed “The Triabrain Theory of Relativity” Thought Science Theory to explain how leaders can overcome painful memories and convert their mental energy into creating global innovation, which debut at California State University Northridge in 2018 & later within 10 U.S. Universities
  • TEDx Speaker of the Talk “Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear” with nearly 1 Million Views