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QUANTUM THINKING : When you have a vision, sometimes you must act on it.  You can create a new way of doing things.  To be successful, start taking new actions. It all starts with your decision to follow-through.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 106:
Alexia McKay, Featuring Women of Color

Air Date: July 21, 2021 in Los Angeles, California

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Ms. Alexia McKay is a working journalist, magazine publisher, speaker, and entrepreneur who saw a need to highlight women of color in a way that would promote diverse communities across the world. As a founder of a quarterly publication that highlights young people of color in the business, community, and entrepreneurial fields, Alexia McKay is the Editor-in-Chief of RoyalTee Magazine, seen on RoyalTeeMagazine.com.  In addition to highlighting talent, RoyalTee is becoming a consulting platform that guides well-established media outlets on how to properly highlight women of color in the media. This emerging CEO is coaching young, minority professionals on how to become fellow entrepreneurs in the process.

Alexia McKay started her journalistic career while studying at Florida A&M University, where she worked as a magazine writer for the award-winning Tallahassee Magazine and a news reporter and editor for the award-winning, collegiate publication, the FAMUAN. After graduating from FAMU, Alexia went on to nourish her talents at CBS, FOX, ABC and Spectrum news affiliates, where she has overseen award-winning morning, evening and midday newscasts as a broadcast television producer. Although successful in her journalistic career, Alexia knew she was capable of more.


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Alexia McKay’s
RoyalTee Magazine

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The vision of RoyalTee was inspired in 2015 by Alexia’s ambitions to return to her passion for creative writing and publishing and create a platform to showcase the excellence of minority women across the country through professional, personal and social ventures. Under RoyalTee Enterprises, she established RoyalTee Magazine and RoyalTee Girls. RoyalTee Magazine highlights millennial, minority women who are making strides in business, arts and humanitarian work through entrepreneurial endeavors.  For the latest July 2021 magazine with celerity Kyla Pratt on the cover and more features, pick up RoyalTee Magazine’s Summer 2021 edition. Preorder your print copy at RoyalTee‘s website.

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