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It was once believed that the human brain grew into a fixed shape when a person reached adulthood. However with new neuroscientific research, scientists are now understanding that the brain changes in many situations, especially with spiritual experiences.  The Bible calls this neuroscience phenomenon “the renewing of the mind.”

This God-triggered reshaping ability is channeled through the third part of the brain that I scientifically coin the “Faith Sector” of the TRIABRAIN. It powerfully reconnects the brain back together to further reshape. And when the faith sector is exposed to loving situations, it unleashes it power.

When we are included in diverse communities with people who are sincerely loving and spiritual, the brain is finally given the surge to rewire itself into a new form. This new shape allows a person to achieve mental peace more often, reveals answers to tough situations, and inspires decisions that can change the course of the world.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 26:
America Loving Again with Pastor Drew Sams

Air Date: November 30, 2016 on KPC Radio

Pastor Drew Sams

Xenophilia. Do you have it? Love conquers hate, but very few people know how to nationally love one another to create positive change in America. In order to achieve this new body, America must learn how to identify and reject hate, plus relearn the new 21st  century’s approach to LOVE AGAIN in an every-day world sense.  Answers Unleashed host Olympia LePoint finds a seasoned expert who has the answer. Tune into this episode to hear the empowering message from Reverend Dr. Drew Sams, head pastor of Bel Air Church in Los Angeles, as he gives the compelling direction on how to stay calm and strong within recreating a new nation filled with respect.

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Newest Einstein:
Dr. Drew Sams

As senior pastor of Bel Air Church in Los Angeles, Reverend Dr. Drew Sams is an innovative leader showing America how to embrace spiritual transformation, all while deepening cultural diversity and acceptance in the 21st century.  With Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s passion for teaching self- development, Dr. Drew Sams is inspiring people of all ages to use their decisions in creating the world they desire. With his foundational psychology education from University of Southern California, coupled with his theological seminary Ph.D acquired from Fuller University, Dr. Sams merges intellectual understanding, and psychological well-being into a potent spiritual recipe that transforms all viewers.  His practical messages are meant to empower all audiences – from all religions, cultural groups and socio-economic backgrounds – to standup for equality and change the quality of lives across the world.  For more information about sermons, visit BelairPres.org

(Image: Olympia LePoint and Drew Sams at Bel Air Church)

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