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All people have the opportunity to create new paths for themselves. Both men and women. Often, your solution is available for you, but you must be willing to educate yourself in understanding the different methods that people have used before.   When you want to do something new, you must look at similar situtations and find feasible methods that will work  best to help you. In your efforts to understand these new ways, you will piece together the solutions that will deliver you to the next level of success.



Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 24:
Become a TV Producer 

Season 2 Air Date: November 16, 2016 on KPC Radio

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Do you want to become a TV producer and create TV shows for network television?  Do you have reservations, because you never attended film school?  No fear, there is a way for you. One person is using a new business model within the TV production world that is re-inventing the way TV shows are made across the globe. Executive Producer Jonathan Perkins of Hoplite Films explains the new way to produce TV shows and gain a global audience while making money off your life-changing stories.  As one of the founders of The Industry Workshops series held at the CBS Studios, Jonathan Perkins sits down with Olympia LePoint to share the new break-through method for people to enter the TV industry and change the world through their powerful stories.

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Jonathan Perkins

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As an Executive TV producer, Jonathan Perkins graduated with double majors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Colorado State University. He attended the Act One Executive Program and has worked at Alcon Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation before becoming a partner at Hoplite Entertainment and functions as their Chief Creative Officer. He works with feature films, narrative and unscripted TV wearing a variety of hats: producer, writer, director, and show runner. He also created and runs The Industry Workshops, a workshop series at CBS Studios designed to teach and equip people in the entertainment industry. More information can be found on TheIndustryWorkshops.com.

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