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THE LEPOINT TRIABRAIN DISCOVERY: When two black holes collided in Space in February 2016, scientists were finally able to prove Einstein’s theory of General Relativity when a gravitational wave blasted out of the collision. With a strong understanding of Chaos Theory mathematics, Olympia LePoint made the discovery that Space and the brain are similar in structure. Further, brain waves are formed by similar internal collisions in the brain. More importantly, the brain now can be redefined into three sectors: Faith, Emotional and Scientific. And each sector has its role in working together to find the answers in front of you.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 1:
Knowing Your TriaBrain

Air Date: February 17, 2016 on KPC Radio

Human brain AMYGDALA - cross section

Do you know the power of your brain? In this episode, Olympia LePoint speaks about Einstein’s Theory, Space and the Spiritual Side of the human brain that unleashes (through faith) scientific innovation. In this episode, Olympia LePoint exposes the power of your “TRIABRAIN”– how you know if you have it, how you find yours, how to harness its power, and how to use it to create your personal innovation.

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TRIABRAIN: Backstory

Olympia LePoint TriaBrain Backstory image

With all three powerful experiences, Olympia LePoint discovered that the TRIABRAIN is responsible for overcoming adversity, creating inventions and reshaping the brain. And by reshaping it, answers are found. Olympia LePoint overcame her odds to become a rocket scientist. After being raised in a less than stellar environment, Olympia LePoint found a way to enter California State University, becoming a top mathematician in the nation. She overcame adversity to find answers. Later, she helped design and create rockets for NASA’s Space Flight program where she saw brilliant scientists envision a approaches before any evidence of the concepts existed. She witnessed that the invention process created new answers. Then her biggest epiphany came when she helped her mother regain strength after a traumatic brain injury. She saw that the brain regrows back at any age, despite what some scientists may claim. All three experiences led her to discover the TRIABRAIN.

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