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Quantum Deciding Discovery

THE LEPOINT QUANTUM DECIDING DISCOVERY: People make decisions based on the 6 top moments of fear within their past.  These times are from infancy to age 21.  When a person is able to go back into their past and coach themselves through challenging moments, he or she creates a quantum connection.  Meaning, that secure communication is a connection spans the test of time and allows a person to jump into the future that they want.  

Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 100:
Making Your Decisions Count

Air Date: May 12, 2016 on AnswersUnleashed.com

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Why do some people gain success when others do not?  In the late 1990’s, there was a book with a “secret”-type of thinking that suggested a false claim: If you think about a future event enough, that future would eventually happen. But the theory soon proved false. For example, you could wish to win the lottery 24/7, but that outcome would be unlikely if no one decided to buy a ticket. Very few people obtained the life they wanted with wishful thinking. Decisions count. In this 100th podcast episode, Olympia LePoint reveals a new type of thinking, a decision-making science called ‘Quantum Deciding’, that helps people leave wishful-thinking, and move into six decisions for attracting the life they want.  This episode if the first of an eight-part series.

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Qauntum Deciding:

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A secret decision-making science is now revealed. By making 6 decisions, a person can create their desired future.  In Olympia LePoint’s new book, Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want, she reveals the six decisions that saved her life.  This decision-making process, called Quantum Deciding, helped her to become a rocket scientist. Then later, this process helped her remove a dangerous fibroid tumor, so she could maintain her health. In making these decisions, you form an energy system around you that helps you attract what you want.

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