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According to neuroscience research, trauma causes dark tar-like masses to form in the brain, and this matter keeps the brain from reshaping itself to heal. It “glues” the brain together, and this “stuckness” is felt through depression, false future visions and feelings that paralyze movement. This mass keeps the brain from regularly reshaping itself, causing it to repeat the same trauma over and over again, in memory and in real life. It repeats the same pain like a broken record. However, by removing the emotions generated from the traumatic situation, the brain breaks up the trauma mass and dissolves it by releasing special and beneficial hormones. The brain then has the opportunity to activate its frontal lobes to find long-lasting successful life-altering solutions.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 11:
Regaining Mental Peace After Trauma

Air Date: May 5, 2016 on KPC Radio

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When a person experiences a traumatic situation, the brain is severely altered. And if the brain is not trained to move past the event, it stays stuck in finding ways to repeat the pain. Negative emotions cripple the brain from regularly reshaping. Trauma affects our thoughts, emotions, all five senses, and body movement – which are all functions overseen by the human brain. Trauma blinds the ability for us to see the present, past and future accurately. However, with the right self-talk, cognitive therapy and physical approaches, a person can move out of a state of trauma into a state of mental peace. However, the person affected must consciously decide to understand the truth versus the false conclusions. In changing the thoughts associated with the event, a person replaces the fear with beneficial emotions, making the brain naturally reshape again. In turn, a person can move forward to the life they are designed to live.

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At any early age, Olympia LePoint experienced trauma at home, in a natural disaster and through her mother’s emergency brain surgery. Through these experiences, Olympia began to witness how these traumatic situations were altering her thoughts and hindered her from finding solutions at work and in her personal life.

According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, a neuroscientist focused on helping people regain cognitive brainpower, dark masses form in the brain after traumatic events. And this mass stunts brain growth. Her research aided Olympia LePoint in understanding her own experiences.

In efforts to heal herself, she began to document how a person can turn trauma into triumph and move into a state of mental peace.

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