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Answers to life situations are not found in Earth’s third dimension. Rather, answers exist in a higher dimension, in world of their own. There, all hidden factors are fully known, and the best answer takes into account hidden concerns. Here, there is no way that humans will know all these intricate interactions in the equation.

However, when an individual consciously makes the decision to reshape his (or her) thinking, the person’s brain unleashes a two-way brain pathway from Earth to this solution-filled world.

There, the brain accesses answers freely and brings them here for practical results. The choice to renew the mind forms 2-way pathway from the higher world to Earth. And this pathway changes the higher world, plus builds solutions that promote innovation.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 14:
Finding Your Answers in A Parallel Dimension

Air Date: June 1, 2016 on KPC Radio

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Where do “Answers” come from? Is there a place where all of your answers can be found? How do you build your solutions once you find the answer? In this episode, Olympia LePoint uncovers the concept of parallel dimensions and explains that there are certain people who can access these higher dimensions regularly by using their brain. The New Einstein explains the process for the average person to have access this higher world for answers. With Einstein’s General Theory of Relatively (E= mc^2), Olympia explains how a change in one world can effect both dimensions; meaning, your solutions can change factors that you currently do not see.

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Real Parallel Worlds

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In Mathematics and Physics, higher dimensions are proven to exist. In Physics, there are mathematical proofs indicating that higher dimensions co-exists with our third dimension here on Earth. Third, fourth and fifth dimensions also exist. In Topology mathematics, infinitely many dimensions exist. And in Fractal Geometry, surfaces can have sub dimensions like 2.3, 2.5, 2.7 dimensions.

Through Linear Algebra, these dimensions can co-exist and form parallel worlds that are connected through a process referred to as projective mapping. Like an artist draws a concepts from a three-dimensional brain onto a two-dimensional paper, events from this higher world are projected into Earth.

These projections relate the two worlds. Events in a higher dimension can be represented in lower dimensions. However, the only way to travel back and forth from dimensions is by using an inverse mapping seen in mathematics. These inverse mappings have a specific property that allows one world to fully connect to another. Like shoe laces tied from the left foot to the right, as one event happens in one world, it affect what happens in the other.

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