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Failure points to innovation. At an early age, our brains are like sponges. We digest multiple ideas and theories and they all may not be true. And as an adult, we encounter frustrations as we experience situations that challenge our core beliefs about ourselves and our situations.

The discomfort associated with changing one’s core belief systems will sometimes be emotionally overwhelming for that person to handle. And he or she will do anything to distract themselves from feeling the discomfort.

When we fully lay down distractions and reprogram the error-thinking in our brains, we transform. With a new way of thinking that is aligned with our true characters, we attract the life that brings us freedom.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 15:
Freedom Through Failure

Season 2 Air Date: September 7, 2016 on KPC Radio

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How often do you remember your failures and are joyful about them? Failures can create two powerful outcomes: set-backs or explosions. Set-backs block you from your success and innovative opportunities to change your entire life. While explosions catapult you to success faster. Join Olympia LePoint as she unlocks the secrets behind what failures actually mean, how to use your energy to break every chain holding you back, and how to move forward despite your past. A new way of life exists for you only when you are willing to adjust the way you view your past, plus the “failures” that you have experienced.

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Backstory: No “Mistakes”

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The Power of “Mistakes”

When Olympia was a young girl, she falsely equated a situation to represent a mistake that impacted the way she operated her entire life for 30 years, until one day in September 2007 where she faced a wakeup call. This moment began the way she viewed failures. Over the process of 10 years, she began learning the process to redefine the way she saw herself and her own accomplishments.

Her biggest realization was understanding that there are no mistakes in life. There are no accidents. There are only opportunities for growth only if we allow “mistakes” and “failures” to guide us.

Chaos theory mathematics tells us that there are no mistakes in life as well. There are only places in time and space where energy stalls or accelerates. By understanding how failures can accelerate us to our end goal, we become experts. Every great scientist and mathematician knows how to find correct answers by embracing their own integrity to “get it right.” That is, going back and spending time to correct faulty thinking that has gained undesired results.

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