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Like a chess player sees multiple future game moves simultaneously, humans can see future scenarios. Though, people may be unaware that they can foretell their own future, and multiple futures exist for the same person. Faith combined with the brain’s decision-making power selects the future that humans will travel toward. Life scenarios emerge where a decision must be made. And this decision houses an energy which draws them closer to the futures that are best, or pulls them away into less attractive futures that they dread.

The futures are defined by what individuals choose to focus on. Without the faith that all things will work together for a good outcome, humans may unknowingly select the unattractive future, while someone else moves toward the future of success.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 4:
Predict Your Future with Science

Air Date: March 9, 2016 on KPC Radio

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Is it possible to predict the future, much less, predict your own future? What did Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal, Nostradamus, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and today’s scientific innovators all have in common? Is there a science or mathematical method that can calculate your various life factors together to show you the guaranteed path for success? The answers to these questions may shock you. After all, you may have more than one future to foresee…

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Science: Backstory

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Chaos Theory mathematics shows that all matter in the universe has multiple futures that simultaneously exist. Further, the past, defines the present; and the present leads to various futures. Using this theory, humans have multiple futures as well. Objects and humans are drawn toward (or repelled from) certain locations in space based on an initiating event. And in the human’s case, the initiating event is a decision.

Einstein’s Specific Theory of Relativity states that each individual sees and experiences time differently based on where they are located in the universe. So the future can be seen differently by each person. Scientists have determined that the brain sees the future as easily as it can see the past through a network of brain regions.

Event Sequence Diagrams in engineering, foretells the future success and failures. The diagrams are used to prevent certain failures. As humans similarly find answers in their lives and build future solutions to avoid certain issues, they unknowingly travel to their desired future mathematically faster.

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