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Sometimes your biggest blessings come within the middle of a trauma that you cannot understand.  Your whole life will change. That brain shifting epiphany from that trauma is a gift for you, to move faster forward than you have ever moved in your life. You will gain a new passion for life, plus a passion for your personal success, based on that which you have overcome.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 56 :

From #MeToo to #WeThrive

Season 5 Air Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 on KPC Radio

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How does a person who has experienced #MeToo sexual abuse, trauma and foster care thrive into becoming a leader and a change-maker?  Founder of TheMetamorphosisExperience.org, and author of The Metamorphosis Experience, Alicia Cass founded Metamorphosis “ME” a service for Women, Girls and Youth in the South Los Angeles and Pasadena area of California, who have been exposed (or at risk of exposure) to violence-related trauma, stemming from gangs, sexual, physical, and domestic abuse. Just like the butterfly touches the petals of flowers, branches of trees, and rocks in the stream, Alicia Cass’ organization partners with individuals and organizations to transform lives. Join Olympia LePoint on this Answers Unleashed episode as she interviews this revolutionary, yet gentle leader Alicia Cass to discover how to turn a destructive path into a thriving one.

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Newest Einstein:
Alicia Cass

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At the innocent age of four, Alicia found her mother’s lifeless body in their small dwelling. Shortly after at 4 ½ years old, her life turned upside down with physical and sexual abuse. The death of her mother and innocence set triggered foster care and self-destruction. Foster care home after foster care home, Alicia found the imitation of “home” in a local gang selling illegal drugs for survival. At 15 years old, she was forced to leave her last foster home and became homeless, high school drop-out. Per statistics, her pattern pointed to death. At 19, Alicia had 3 children, no direction, no guidance nor support.  Alicia soon become a mother of mothered six children.

Then there a literal “break-through,” through a broken jaw, where her metamorphosis to success began. Listen to this episode to find out where the shift in thinking began that saved her life.  Visit TheMetamorphosisExperience.org/the-book/ for more details.


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