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Every great entrepreneur, celebrity, philanthropist, leader, scientific innovator and athletic champion all know the same fact: there is no expiration for success. “MORE” is always available. They know that the source of success is given freely, and it pours out like a river flows. And, there is no “ONE” definition for success. It is defined differently for various people based on what they value. Anyone, at any point in their life, can acquire health, wealth, status, intelligence, love, physical acumen, relationships and material property. However, when an individual realizes that her life is valuable even without those things, a person truly becomes happy and is able to attract more in her life. Because she knows that her “being” alone is worth it.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 6:
Your Power to Attract More

Air Date: March 23, 2016 on KPC Radio

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Have you witnessed a co-worker receive a promotion? Or a girlfriend get a boyfriend while you remain single? Or do you seek to run your own company and feel frustrated because there is a lack of investors? If so, then this show is for you. Wendy Yost, the founder of More is Available Coaching and Consulting explains the power that you have to attract more of what you truly desire into your life. With a method using the brain’s faith power coupled with understanding the practical laws of attraction, Wendy Yost shows audience members how to let go of the poverty-thinking that is holding you back, so you can manifest great opportunities in your career, business, love and personal development. With her approach, you can be the one with “more.” Visit

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Newest Einstein:
Wendy Yost

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Wendy L. Yost is an educator and TEDx speaker who bridges the spiritual world with practical approaches, so people’s time and energy yield the life they desire. Owner of More is Available Coaching & Consulting, Ms. Yost partners with individuals, corporations and educational organizations to generate desired results

With her vast knowledge and experience, Wendy Yost is invited as a TEDx speaker for the TEDxCSUN conference held on the California State University Northridge campus April 22, 2016. Wendy Yost is an alumna and of California State University Northridge, and she is proud to share her wisdom with TEDx viewers across the globe, plus as an adjunct lecturer on the campus.

Wendy was a contributing author for 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career by Michelle & David Riklan and is a featured author for, where she uses storytelling to explain coaching principles to its five million subscribers. In her teachings, Wendy Yost helps audience members let go of what they no longer need, so they can attract wild success. Visit

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