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THE LEPOINT TRIABRAIN THEORY:  The brain becomes locked into a certain age when you experience a rough situation.  And when you encounter a similar situation again, you may become “triggered” into thinking you are still that age and there same outcome will result.  However, you can break the cycle. When you become aware of these potential triggers, you can go back in time and alter your thoughts within your past. And in turn, you change your future.
Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 63:
Removing Your Mental Triggers By Rewinding Time

Season 6 Air Date: October 16, 2018 on KPC Radio

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There are things in your life that will be “a trigger” for you.  A difficult job. An injury. A person’s response. With each trigger, there may be a side of you that comes out that is less flattering to others. And this side may make you doubt yourself and your confidence. In this Answers Unleashed episode, you will learn how to rewind time and coach yourself to not allow triggers to upset you. You will discover the process to use these situations for launching your life into success.

Photo Credit: Image from the movie, Back to the Future.

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When an traumatic even happens in your life, it will stall your brain into a state in which will be triggered in the future by similar situations.  Say you were in a car accident with a white truck. Any time you see a white truck, you may become triggered into thinking you are back in injury. Or let’s say you had a angry father. Any time you hear a man’s angry voice, you may experience a “trigger” and you become someone else.  When you revisit your self in the past and share the truth with yourself, you create a new dimension for yourself. And you tap into a hidden  power that is divinely at your disposal.  But it requires you to visit yourself in the past within your time of need. The good news is that you will not warp time or space by visiting yourself. That phenomenon is only in the movies. Rather, you bridge your current self to your future self by rewinding time.

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