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When we understand science, we understand that physical resources are an extension of science applications. Resources are used to build great companies, bodies, situations and personal lives. Very successful entrepreneurs are people who are determined to make their resources pay off, so 1+1 can equal more than two.

When we use resources in new ways, we merge the left and right brain together. With the brain envisioning success in advance, the right brain uses its creativity to apply resources in new ways. And the left brain logically determines how these resources will be used to efficiently secure the desired result.


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 9:
Become an Entrepreneur and Illuminate Your Talents

Air Date: April 20, 2016 on KPC Radio

Chad Zdenek, CEO of Mobile Illumination

Tired of working for someone else? Are you in a job with limited career growth? Need investors to build a new business idea? You are not alone. Millions of people desire to be business owners and employ others. However, most people do not know where to begin, and do not know how to use their resources for success. Further, some pre-existing business owners require answers in resolving all types of dilemmas. One successful entrepreneur has The Answer. As a well-known Science TV host who is also a successful business owner, Chad Zdenek has leveraged his own talents to pursue a path in entertainment and in business that has proved wildly successful. As the CEO of Mobile Illumination, Chad Zdenek helps oversee the largest holiday lighting and decor company in Los Angeles with his partner and brother, Jason Zdenek. The Grove, The City of Beverly Hills, The Playboy Mansion and the Santa Monica Promenade illuminates with his company’s signature of excellence. And he is “just getting started.” In this episode, Chad Zdenek shares his personal story and explains the keys to entrepreneurship, specifically: how individuals can build their “Illumination Tool Box” for personal success; the mindset needed to grow new businesses; and the lucrative tips every inspiring entrepreneur needs to know. For more information, visit And stay tuned for his special episode!

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Newest Einstein:
Chad Zdenek

image of Chad Zdenek, CEO of Mobile Illumination - on bike

Recognized as science TV Host currently on, the DIY Network for A&E, and for his recurring role in the G4 TV Network’s Human Wrecking Balls and It’s Effin’ Science, Chad Zdenek is a leader who knows how to use his education, IRONMAN adrenaline-junkie mindset, and resources to build awe-inspiring business success. As a Structural Dynamics Engineer for the Space Shuttle Main Engines, Chad Zdenek launched his own skills with his brother Jason Zdenek to become the CEO of Mobile Illumination, growing the company from a one man operation to employ over 50 people today as the largest holiday lighting and decor company in Los Angeles. As a past-president of the Loyola Marymount University Alumni Association Board of Directors and past Board Member for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Chad Zdenek holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, and an M.S. Structural Engineering Degree from University of Southern California. Chad Zdenek is married to wife Kaytia Zdenek, with three daughters, ages 6, 10 and a third on the way.

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