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Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint

Episode 109:
Standing Up for Your Life After Relationship Trauma.

Air Date: March 8, 2023 on AnswersUnleashed.com

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* TRIGGER WARNING:  The contents of this video may be sensitive for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

What do you do when you have experienced a traumatic situation in a relationship?  How can you stand up for your life after sexual abuse or assault? Can you reclaim your life purpose after such a horrible event?  In this Answers Unleashed episode, Olympia LePoint interviews TV actress and stage performer Tanjareen Thomas to reveal her personal story of overcoming sexual assault and abuse in her past relationships.  Today, Tanjareen Thomas overcame her trauma and is within successful, healthy marriage with a new partner, and she is staring on TV shows. She is now happily married to her best, caring friend who helped her heal. She attributes her success to the three points she shares in this video. Watch this podcast now.

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Founder of CITRIC CINEMA Inc, Tanjareen Thomas is an actress , comedienne, producer and host who overcame relationship traumas early in life.  When she learned to reframe her thinking, she became a TV performer, and she married a good man.  An Academy member, Mrs. Thomas  has appeared on all 8 seasons of the “Family Time”, Tanjareen Thomas has been making her mark on TV.  In 2 seasons of the sitcom “Millennials”, Tanjareen Thomas has appeared on many TV shows including “Insecure”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Days of our Lives”, and on “Famous In Love”. Her films include “I Got The Hook Up 2”, “Love For Sale”, “Miss March” and “Johnson Family Vacation”.

As an alumni from California State University Northridge TV-Film department, Tanjareen Thomas is a ΔΣΘ Sorority leader who is now happily married to her caring, best friend, Mr. Clayton Thomas, who helped her heal.

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