Virtual Talks – Quantum Deciding 

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Virtual Talks 

Quantum Deciding for A Better Future 

Olympia LePoint has created a series of virtual talks given to organizations across the world. Each talk deals with using 6 decisions from her latest book Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want. Talks are either given online streaming or are professionally produced by her Answers Unleashed Productions team.

These virtual talks point to the decisions for a better future through 6 quantum decisions, known as Quantum Deciding.

“Virtual Talks” is Olympia LePoint’s latest 2021 approach to  educate millions of people across the globe in the safety of your home. Each video is geared to inspire you to make 6 decisions to build a quantum future filled with better opportunities for 2021 and beyond.


Using Scientific Thinking to End Systemic Racism and Implicit Bias

Olympia LePoint gives this virtual talk to 10,000 Delta Kapa Gamma College educators for ways to eliminate systemic racism with science thinking.  This training was produced by Answers Unleashed Productions.

In her viral Thrive Global article “End Institutionalized Racism with Science and Innovative Thinking” created during the George Floyd “Black Live Matters Protests,” Olympia LePoint shares how to end the crippling effects of racism in educational institutions by reprogramming individual’s brains to identify and overcome implicit bias.  This bias refers to the unconscious attitudes and stereotypes that affect humans’ understanding, actions, and decisions. LePoint helps audience members to think with innovation and make decisions that guarantee future inclusion, diversity and leadership success.